Welcome to: Stronger 4 Longer

A select small group exercise program for people of all ages and abilities. This program has been designed by our Exercise Physiologists to improve our clients confidence in their own bodies. We know that as we age, exercise and movement can become more difficult. We also know though that moving more is crucial in reducing frailty and maintaining indepence.

Our Stronger 4 Longer program helps people from 65 – 95+ to find exercises that are suitable for them.

The small group environment incraeses social engagement whilst allowing our trainers to keep a close eye on the indivual needs throughout the program.

Program includes:

Initial 1:1 assesment

Welcome pack including EHF T Shirt, exercise bands and more

2 x 1hr Small group classes p.w

Exercise video library available 24/7

Educational and healthy ageing resources


Registration through My Aged Care

Either CHSP or Home Care Package.

A great attitude and willingness to give it a go!

Thank you Matt and Tim for their constructive encouragement Sandy

This experience has restored my confidence in my ability to move Judy

I really enjoy the social aspect! Brian

This class is excellent. Nobody needs to be intimidated by the exercises. Anne

Our clients have been seeing improvements in Quadricep strength after 12 weeks of over 100%

Allowing them to walk faster, balance better and get in and out of chairs more easily.